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Darren Parberry is of the Ojibway culture from north-eastern Ontario, but grew up in Toronto.

Darren Parberry has received the highest honour in the Métis community (the Métis Sash) and First Nations community (the Eagle Feather).

The leaders and elders determine, with the guidance of the creator, who receives these honours.

Below is a small preview of some of the over 70 poems that have been written by Darren Parberry.

The Journey...There and back

You go in because of pain, and wait
While you wait, something happens
They check you out
And while waiting, you feel weak
You ask for help
The person next to you is in more need
You tell the nurse to attend them first
Putting others ahead of you
You begin to fade
Then it happens
Its bright with no surroundings
Then you see a friend
Standing sideways at first
Then turns her head to look right at you
The light becomes brighter and everything fades
Then a figure appears
A person - with a long cloak, sandals, beard and long wavy hair
Not a word is spoken
A choice is given - by an outstretched arm
As you feel a very dull pain in your chest, you decline
Another pain in the chest
Your thought are one the ones you love
You realize that you cannot leave them
The pain is getting a little sharper
A family awaits for you to return
As the pain gets sharper, you realize that it is you
This pain only occurs when medical aid is required
Then you realize that they are working on you
You fight to return
When you wake from the light
There are numerous people around you
These people were there for your re-birth
For you have seen "The Bright Light"

(c) August 2014

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